The project


How was the idea born

I teach Mathematics and Physics in the Scientific High School of Oristano. I have always been looking for software that could help me in my work and with which I could prepare exercises or correct class examinations without having to perform all the calculations myself.

I found several software useful for this purpose but none had all the features I was looking for.

Some software perform only approximate calculations using the decimal representation of numbers, others return the results but do not show the steps in performing the calculations.

Especially for students, I think it is useful to have a software that is as close as possible to the way we work at school helping them to understand the exercises and how they are carried out.

Not having found anything like that, I thought about building something myself.

To achieve this I used the Wolfram Language, a programming language that uses the mathematical computing environment of Wolfram Research.

Thanks to this powerful computing engine I was able to take advantage of my experience as a teacher, and of course as a former student, to create something that meets the expectations of students when they seek help in studying mathematics.

The project that I have now put online is just a starting point and the idea is to add many other functions over time.

The ultimate goal is to fulfil as much as possible the needs of students and teachers in studying or teaching mathematics.


STUDENTS: QThis collection of Applications is designed to help students in the performance of mathematical exercises considering that beyond the results it also shows the steps to get to the results.

Performances of calculations are designed as if you were to complete a mathematics class exam at school, also reporting the comments where they are needed.

TEACHERS: For teachers, the App is a very useful aid for both construction and correction of written tests.


Another aspect that makes the applications very useful is the fact that all perform symbolic calculations, so they can function with symbols and letters as well as numbers and return the exact symbolic result and not the approximate one (eg √2 instead of 1.414 …)

The results and the whole process are given back in a downloadable pdf.


To use the Applications of the website you do not need to install anything as all calculations are done via the web so they can be used on any smartphone, tablet or PC that is connected to the internet. For those who want to stay updated about the new contents and functions that will be available on the website there is the Facebook page mathematicaschool mathematicaschool on which I will publish all the news.

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